• 2015
  • 81 mins
  • Director: Christian Hallman
  • Starring: Lanna Olsson, Norah Andersen, Alida Morberg

Session Info

  • Fri 27th Nov, 2015
    @ Lido Cinemas, Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

No one could challenge director Christian Hallman’s passion for film. As a major player in Sweden’s Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, and the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, his knowledge and experience positions him as the perfect person to make a film like SENSORIA. Traumatised by a series of losses in her life, the film’s protagonist Caroline finds herself suddenly living in a strange apartment, alienated from everything she once took for granted. Surrounded by peculiar neighbours and with disturbing, inexplicable events increasing in frequency, Caroline struggles to make sense of her new circumstances. Part haunted house film, part psychological thriller, SENSORIA combines the best of J-horror’s slow, creepy quietness with a Scandinavian aspect that is altogether uniquely Hallman’s own.