John Harrison

Writer | Film Historian

John Harrison is a Melbourne-based freelance writer and film historian who has written for such publications as Fatal VisionsCult MoviesIs it Uncut?FilminkThe Headpress JournalMonster!, Weng’s Chop and Bachelor Pad, as well as penning reviews and liner notes for many DVD and VHS releases from Something Weird Video. Aside from contributing to the true crime volumes Death CultsBad Cop Bad Cop and Guns, Death, Terror, Harrison has also written the best-selling Headpress book Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks, and in 2014 self-published a compilation of his late-nineties fanzine Reel Wild Cinema! Recently, he composed the booklet essays for the Australian Blu-ray releases of Thirst and Dead Kidsfor Glass Doll Films, and is currently co-writing Cartwheels & Halos, the biography of actress/singer and former Hollywood stunt woman Marneen Fields, whom he married in Las Vegas in March of 2016.

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