• 2015
  • 90 mins
  • Director: Chad Archibald
  • Starring: Elma Begovic, Annette Wozniak, Jordan Gray

Session Info

  • Sun 29th Nov, 2015
    @ Lido Cinemas, Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Casey is partying with her gal pals at a foreign seaside resort when she’s bitten by a mysterious bug. When she gets home home everything deteriorates, rapidly, and as the FX seep in and begin to pop, BITE comes into its own and hatches into an A-grade slime-fest that just keeps on giving. Fuelled by the sharp script of Jayme Laforest, and Elma Begovic (Casey) who is simply sensational, BITE is the film that had two people collapse at the Fantasia World Premiere. The only mistake the filmmakers from Black Fawn Films (the other current great Canadian genre company) made that night was having their giveaway vomit bags too small. BITE may require your gut reaction.