• 2015
  • 92 mins
  • Director: Paul Hyett
  • Starring: Ed Speleers, Shauna McDonald, Sean Pertwee

Session Info

  • Sun 29th Nov, 2015
    @ Lido Cinemas, Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

From Alfred Hitchcock to Agatha Christie, trains have been an enduring setting for thrillers, and given a horror twist in films like CREEP (2004) and MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN (2008). HOWL grants this tradition the werewolf treatment, as young train conductor Joe (Ed Speleers) bands together with his strange cohort of passengers to deal with the vicious beast that terrorises their train, leaving them immobilised in an isolated British forest on a wet, stormy night. Director Paul Hyett (THE SEASONING HOUSE) cleverly plays with the conventions of the familiar werewolf subgenre, bringing them to life (and death) in exciting and gruesome new ways.