As Melbourne heats up, so too does the blood of local horror and cult film fanatics – and for good reason. Monster Fest, Melbourne’s annual celebration of all things cult is coming, and with it, a cavalcade of the finest new genre cinema from Australia and around the world – as well as special guests, parties, master classes and other related malarkey!

This year Monster Fest moves to the brand new Lido Cinema in Hawthorn, and with the move we’ve tweaked the format somewhat. First thing you’ll notice is the length. Gone is the eleven-day epic of yore, and in its place a much sleeker four nights and three days. It may well be shorter in length, but it’s certainly no less epic in intensity!

Monster Fest 2015 kicks off with the World Premiere of the most anticipated Aussie horror film in eons, the Cairnes Brothers new shock-fest, SCARE CAMPAIGN. What a privilege is it to have this film – as Monster Fest fans will know full well, the Cairnes chaps are at the top of their game right now. Take it from me Monsterites, SCARE CAMPAIGN is a doozy – it’s slick, clever, fun and genuinely scary. Exactly what the doctor ordered! Opening Night will be a blast, and with cast and crew on hand, expect a night of fun and depravity for all!

Monster fest has garnered an enviable reputation for international guests over the years, and 2015 is no exception. There’s the King of Blaxploitation, Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson; the woman who found her way into your hearts as the Mommy in E.T. but who then reappeared in your nightmares in such horrific masterpieces as THE HOWLING, CUJO and THE HILLS HAVE EYES – the one and only Dee Wallace! Then, there’s the little guy behind one of horror’s most enduring and beloved characters, the boy werewolf himself, Butch ‘Eddie Munster’ Patrick!

There’s Kooks & Spooks, a trivia extravaganza with Melbourne’s much-adored Queen of the Crypt, Cherry Bites, which will feature all of our guests. There’s two ‘Australian Masterpiece’ screenings – a 10th Anniversary screening of WOLF CREEK, and another of an almost lost, but certainly not forgotten, Aussie cult classic, SMOKE ‘EM IF YOU’VE GOT ‘EM. There’s bands on the Lido rooftop, market stalls, marathons, breakfast screenings and then there’s the Official Selection films – close to fifty brand spanking new shorts and feature gems. The latest, greatest and rarest cult and horror cinema from Australia and almost every corner of the globe – a feast of cinematic depravity!

The thing that excites me most about Monster Fest is the people – the Monstervolk – and the thought of the spectacular new Lido Cinemas packed to the gills from early morning to late at night with the beautiful, cult cinema lovin’ freaks of old Melbourne town, thrills me and chills me to the bone! We know you need little encouragement, but as an added incentive this year we’ve made the tickets insanely cheap. For a measly forty bucks you get a whole day of the very best new movies on the planet – that’s the price of a dodgy cocktail and a packet of fancy crisps in some bars. It’s freakin’ nuts, but it’s beautiful, but then again so are you – and you deserve the best!

Anyway my lovelies, peruse the program, grab a posse of your weirdo mates, and get out to the incredible Lido Cinemas for Australia’s coolest and most twisted film fest.

Monster Fest 2015 – TRANSFORM YOUR HEAD!


Neil Foley x